OSD Frontends Series
My OSD Frontends three part series was released on the 1E blog a few months back; check it out:
Office 365 Inventory
With the addition of update channels to Office 365 and the self-controlled update mechanism in Office 365 Click to Run, keeping track of what versions and channels are in use in your environment is
Cross-site Images in ConfigMgr
If you create your OS images using ConfigMgr one potential issue is that the ConfigMgr client agent is embedded in your image. In and of itself, this isn't a huge deal if you are also deploying
Uninstall Software En Masse
Every now and then, you may have the need to uninstall software, not just a single version but all versions of a certain product from your systems; e.g., QuickTime or Adobe Reader. Because
The Unspoken Upgrade Requirement
When upgrading to Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) Current branch (CB) or even implementing it from scratch, there is an unspoken requirement. It's not really a requirement for ConfigMgr
Boot Image Backgrounds
To me aesthetics (even if I can't spell that without the help of a spell-checker) are very important; basically, if it "looks" shoddy, haphazard, or thrown together, it probably is. This goes for
Why You Should Disable Automatic Updates
A perfect example of why you should disable automatic updates using group policy, script, compliance settings or any other means at your disposal when using Configuration Manager