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slmgr.vbs --dli Results on a KMS

Windows Activation: Troubleshooting and Monitoring the KMS

As I’ve described in the previous two installments, the KMS is a pretty simple and straight-forward service. When you think about, this makes sense because the only thing that it does is activate clients. Read more…

Basic Windows Activation Workflow with a KMS

Windows Activation: The KMS

A Key Management Server system is any system in your environment that you installed using a KMS key. That’s right, any system, Vista included. I have been to customers large and small who had five, ten, and more KMSs running their environment. Yikes. As I stated in part one (Windows Activation: The Basics), don’t use a KMS key unless you know what you’re doing. Read more…

Windows Activation Paths Based on Key Type

Windows Activation: The Basics

Windows Activation, to some, has become confusing and a source of constant trouble. Why? Because they didn’t read the documentation. Gone are the days of simply inserting a CD or DVD and installing a Microsoft product. The single biggest source of confusion is the existence of two types of activation keys: KMS and MAK. Read more…