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ConfigMgr 2012 Application Installation Failures

I’ve seen this as an issue now a few times now in my lab and production environments as well as on the forums. In brief, this specific issue is an access denied (hresult of 0x80070005) when downloading the application content and is clearly denoted in either smsts.log (if the application install is during a task sequence) or CAS.log. Read more…

ConfigMgr 2012 and 32-bit Application Installers

Why are 32-bit application installers special and why do they need special handling? First, a caveat: If you don’t have any 64-bit OSes in your environment (or never will), then there is nothing special about them. I think I can safely say that no one using ConfigMgr 2012 falls into this category though. Read more…

ConfigMgr 2012 Application Deployment By Example: User EXE Deployment

Scenario: Deploy an application using the new application deployment capabilities of ConfigMgr 2012.


  • Native install using EXE installer (instead of an MSI based installer)
  • Deploy to all users in a specific AD security group
  • Support uninstallation

Read more…

Two OSD Application Install Issues

Here’s a quick synopsis of two issues I had at my recent customer installing some “packaged” applications during OSD. Read more…

ConfigMgr Application Package Recipes – Adobe Reader X

So was Adobe sucking up to Apple when they decided to use the roman numeral for the version number?

Anyway, here’s another common package recipe that I see folks struggling with all the time. Read more…